Best Instagram Bio For Boys And Girls – Latest Edition

Are you looking for Bio for your Instagram profile? If your answer is yes, then worries because we have shared with you the best 150+ Instagram bio ideas with emoji in Hindi in this post. If you put it on your profile, then your profile will look more stylish than before.

Best Instagram Bio For Boys And Girls

  • They say, love him so that there is no one else to love, why don’t I love your prophet, but do not have a heavenly love!
  • Aaj Tak is no queen who allows this emperor to be his slave!
  • We do not like the happiness found in the bailout, because we live like a Nawab in gum too !!
  • Beautiful deception, do not eat sir, no matter how beautiful the sword is. If you ask, there is blood !!
  • My life has 3 rules: food, gold and Instagram!
  • I play the game Naho which is as fixed as it is! Kyuki game is fun when there is a risk of losing !!
  • Every time we accuse you of love! Have you ever asked yourself? Why are you so beautiful?
  • Time and love are both special in life! Who does not have time and does not love everyone !!
  • Who says the mirror does not lie, he only sees the smile of lips, not heartache !!
  • Thought a lot, understood a lot, tested for a long time, Tanha ho ke ji jina is better than love!
  • Silence is better, people get angry with words… !!

Romantic Insta Status for Boyfriend

  1. So much complaint, so many conditions, so restrictive, are you in love or no deal !!
  2. Just look at who has knocked on this door, if it is love then say it, now the heart is no longer here ..
  3. I have given up thinking about luck. When people can change, what is luck?
  4. She is running after me with a knife since morning .. I jokingly said, “Look at the heart, I will be yours”

Cute Instagram Status for Friends

Do not be proud of your victory in the city, but you have lost more than your victory.

Confidence and expectation make things possible but not easy.

Do not look at the friend in terms of wealth, friends who are unfaithful are often poor.

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